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September 30, 2022
Free Wallpaper App
Free Wallpaper App

Currently, 9 out of 10 people around the world use the assistance of smartphone devices. Thus, every smartphone user knows that the mobile wallpaper background plays a key role in the beauty of the smartphone.  There is no doubt that the best background wallpapers based on HD resolution give a heavenly and attractive look to every smartphone.

Keeping this in mind, every smartphone gives its users a plethora of free wallpapers to set the wallpaper among them as per their choice. But these wallpapers are few and limited in number. After a couple of uses, the wallpapers offered by your smartphone become old and tasteless.

Although the smartphone operating system also supports external support, you can set wallpapers by downloading them from Google or various other sources as well. But it is not easy to find wallpapers that maintain their quality after downloading from Google.

Hence, if you want a wallpaper hub, where you can change new wallpapers with every click, then this article is for you. Today we are going to share the top-notch android Free wallpaper apps that allow you hundreds of free wallpapers. If you are interested and looking for the best free wallpapers, stay with us.

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Free Wallpaper Apps:

Well here are the names of high-quality and must-use free wallpaper apps that you can use on your Android without any doubt.

Elegent Walls:

Elegent Walls is a fabulous choice if you prefer to set up third-party wallpapers. This wonderful application offers hundreds of wallpapers that are based on attractive and heart-touching scenes. This free wallpaper app offers wallpapers of Abstract, Movies, Amoled, Splash, and many other genres. In short, there are more than a hundred 4k UHD resolution wallpapers in all these genres.

Hence, all the wallpapers available in it are free to use and easy to set up your device wallpaper. So you just need to have this application on your android, after that you will be free to choose any background from tons of stylish and colorful wallpapers. No doubt, this is a top-notch and profitable free wallpaper app that lets you choose a new wallpaper every second.


Another quality wallpaper application for you is Litwallz. Unlike the above, it has a collection of unique wallpapers that no other application can offer. Thus, the wallpapers it offers are mostly based on animated, cartoons, nature-based, games, and many other varieties of different backgrounds.

Each genre of wallpaper is categorized in a separate section. And the number of wallpapers is not fixed to any specific number. Rather every update will introduce new wallpapers. This indicates how portable an option this free wallpaper app is for someone who likes to explore new wallpapers. Moreover, the quality of each wallpaper will be unquestionable, as they are in the purest HD.

Last words:

So far, thousands of developers have registered their wallpaper applications in various markets around the world. But not every application is at the confidence level to be used as a complete free wallpaper app. With this in mind, we sat down with our team and did an in-depth analysis of the leading wallpapers available today. After a lot of searching, we found Elegent Walls and Litwallz topping the list. If you want to get rid of fake Android wallpaper apps, any of these recommended applications are enough to make you happy.

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