How to Load YouTube Feeds on WordPress App?

September 15, 2022
How to Load YouTube Feed on WordPress App
How to Load YouTube Feed on WordPress App

In this blog post, we are going to tell you about an amazing but very interesting feature. With the help of this feature, you can load your YouTube feeds on your WordPress website app. If you also want this feature this blog post will be much helpful for you. This feature does not only keep you updated about your YouTube notification but you will also be able you post your WordPress app update directly on YouTube. To activate this feature on your site you just need to perform a few steps.

What Is The Reason For Adding This Feature? You might be thinking about why should we do this procedure and what kind of benefits we can get. The main reason behind this feature is to collect notifications from the different platforms in a single place to manage easily.

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Procedure To Add YouTube Feeds on WordPress App:

YouTube Feed Pro Plugin Installing:

First of all, you must have Smash Balloon Plan that will be used to start this process. This plan is available on a paid and free basis, to get more information you can visit YouTube also. Once you avail of this plan you will be able to access your smash ballon account to get your desired plugin.

Adding Plugin:

The process of adding a plugin is very common you just have to follow the routine process for it. First, open your dashboard click on “Plugins” and then click on “Add New”. Then you can upload the zip file that you have already downloaded from your Smash Baloon account.

Plugin Settings:

Now it is time to do settings on your YouTube to connect with the WordPress website. Go to the settings Tap and press the “Add Source” option. Once you click on this option your will be redirected to a new window to choose a google/Gmail account. Grant required access to start the process ahead.

Creation of Youtube Feeds:

On your WordPress app dashboard there you will find YouTube Feeds option, click on it and open the “All Feeds” option. On this window, you can find a button “Add New” input your license key on the blank, and choose your Gmail account.

YouTube Feeds Configuration:

When you perform all the above steps your YouTube Feed will be fetched on your WordPress app site format automatically. The YouTube feed depends on the layout of your website themes you can also make some changes if you want.

Feed Embedment on WordPress App:

To embed your YouTube feed you have to find the Embed option on the WordPress app. After pressing it will ask you to fill in some codes to show on the page of your WordPress app.

Can A Common Person Perform All the Steps?

Yes of course, when the first time we read this process we also got worried about it. But we start it practically and we realized it very easy and interesting procedure. Many of our friends contact us and tell us it is the job of an HTML expert because it comprises codes etc. But we tell you it does not require any special skill like HTML it is very easy and simple you can manage a WordPress app website. For your convenience, we will add screenshots of different steps so you can get hints to do this task.

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