How Google Assistant is Important For Android?

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google assistant

A unique and fun service introduced by Google “Google Assistant” is easy to use. This technology service allows you to transfer your commands to search anything on Google by voice. The purpose of this service is to perform a quick search on google without typing. You just have to say “OK Google” and it will start working by following your instructions. You need to speak fluent English so that the system can understand the command and bring you results

Google Assistant Features:

Quick Search:

Google Assistant is here to make quick searches because you do not need to type the long command with the keyboard. All you have to do is say “OK Google” and speak in a clear voice. As soon as you finish your command or talk, it starts working and brings instant results to your mobile screen.

Helping People with Disabilities:

Google Assistant is a blessing to those with physical disabilities. Now is the time to benefit from Google’s services whether you are physically fit or not. Because there is no compulsion for a physically fit person to use this rare service even people without hands can easily use this service.


You might be wondering what the connection is between Google Assistant and entertainment? Yes, there are relationships and entertainment. If you have a smartphone with Google Assistant location and you feel lonely. You can ask a Google Assistant to say, “Sing a Song, Speak a Joke” etc. Soon Google will obey the command and give you the entertainment you want.


Google Assistant acts as a travel for android users. This app uses you to give you suggestions on everyday life issues, namely, the best way to travel, the best place to visit, the best time to get from one place to another, etc.

Quick Weather:

This technology allows you to manage your daily activities more freely. It keeps up-to-date information on future weather forecasts

Multiple Functions:

Google Assistant controls all installed applications on your smartphone. You can control all your required activities with any application available on your device. For example, you should see your email inbox. You should say, “Open my Gmail”. And if you want to see the current date, you should say “Open Calendar”. Another great feature of this service is local availability. If you feel unwell you want to visit the nearest hospital you do not know where it is. You just need to say “Nearby Hospital” and it will show you everywhere on the map of the nearest hospital available. It even shows the distance to and from the hospital.