CamScanner For Android Phones/Tablets

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In fact, it is an android application specially designed to convert documents into PDF files. This excellent mobile app has empowered thousands of people working in offices or organizations where they have to spend a lot of texts. Prior to this application, they were forced to use scanners connected to personal computers. Scanning is a completely tedious task that takes a lot of time to scan one page. As a result, they used to spend a lot of time sitting on the PC but now it is no longer needed at all. You can now do this job in just seconds as you take pictures with your mobile phone and convert them into PDF files.

There are flexible and flexible options in this android app for its users. One can convert your documents right there by clicking on the images. Second, you can select your old documents in your mobile gallery and convert them into PDF files instantly. A PDF file is basically a text file that is considered a relatively small file. For smaller size documents, you can add multiple pages which is why it is the most popular document file in the world.

Features of Android Camscanner App:

Mobile App:

It is a very effective mobile app, everyone can use this app by finding it on the google play store without spending money. It is a free app that never demands a single cent for its services. Someone with a smartphone/android phone can use this.

Document Sharing:

Actually, we need to scan documents to share emails or other file-sharing methods. This android app enables you to customize your file sizes by adjusting camera clarity. A key and important feature of this application is the availability of instant document-sharing space. You can share your PDF file instantly as it completes its conversion from a solid document to a PDF file.

How to get the Camscanner app on Your Phone?

Considering the value of people, the developers of this android app have provided it for free. That’s why you can find it for free on the google play store by simply searching. First, you need to have instant internet access to your mobile phone when the Google Play Store opens with a Gmail account. Then click play store and search for the app and then click the install button.

How do you use the Camscanner app?

Using this android app is very easy and does not require any special work. Click on the Camscanner icon that will open and display your phone’s camera. Click the clear image of the document and then click “OK”. It will then show the editing of the document, so edit your document and click “OK” and now your document is available in a PDF file ready to share.

Last thoughts:

Finally, we are in a position to say that Camscanner is an excellent android app that is especially targeted at employees in public offices. With this application, you can convert your hard copy copies into PDF files in no time. To find it in the google play store and enjoy converting your documents.