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Zong Booster ML

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Review of ZONG Booster ML:

No doubt, Diamonds, coins, gold, and battle points are the accepted currency of the Mobile Legend Bang Bang. In fact, if you want to buy premium materials legally, then you should have lots of diamonds and other game currencies in your wallet. As we know in the game getting enough diamonds is not an easy task, as getting diamonds is really hard without performing outstandingly in the game. In this regard, are you want to know a simple trick, which will help you procure plenty of diamonds and other game currency for the MLBB game? If yes, then feel free to try ZONG Booster ML.

Well, ZONG Booster ML is a Diamond injector app very similar to Diamond generator MLBB APK. This application allows you to earn or generate an enormous amount of diamonds without any cost. Therefore, with this application, you can send roughly 5999 diamonds at a time. Not only that, but you can send 5999 diamonds every minute. Thus, in a few minutes, you will be able to fill your accounts with a large number of diamonds. Once you will obtain enough diamonds, then get all the skins, maps, rank boosters, battle emotes, and other weaponry stuff.

Although, in our previous articles on our site TECHNOLOGYCIRCLE, we have shared many useful injector tools and apps, which can unlock such valuable game assets without paying any buck. For instance, skins, maps, rank boosters, battle effects, battle emotes, and many other quality features or cheats. Still, we prefer ZONG Booster ML app for you, as it is just an MLBB diamond generator app that looks a little safer and superior to other apps. Besides it, it is anti-ban and ad-free. Therefore, Isn’t best or not? I think it is. Therefore, get it now.

Features of ZONG Booster ML:

If you are in the early stages and the prices of premium stuff of Mobile Legends Bang Bang are not bearable. In this regard, you will need a lot of diamonds to buy all the premium equipment of the game in an ethical way and diamonds are worth you with the ZONG Booster ML. Therefore, are you happy to use it? If yes, then get it but before that, it is important to know the hidden features of this application. Anyhow, the main features of this handsome diamond injector are as follows.

  • The app provides an infinite number of ML diamonds in a single click.
  • It is easy to generate all the diamonds without any lengthy process.
  • The application has a simple interface without any ads.
  • Small in size and bug-free application.
  • No login requirements.
  • Moreover, the current version does not have a password.
  • Safe and trustworthy
  • And many features.

How to Generate MLBB Diamond using ZONG Booster ML?

When it comes to downloading and using the ML Diamond Generator APK, everyone is worried that it might be difficult to use or something else. Therefore, let me tell you, it’s as easy as unlocking your smartphone without entering a password. Yet, if you have any doubts about it or find it a little difficult to use skillfully, you can follow the guidelines mentioned below. In fact, we’ve shared all of this with you and everyone else who lacks the skills to use such third-party diamond injector apps.

  • In this regard, download ZONG Booster ML APK by clicking the download button above.
  • After clicking on it, wait 10 seconds and the download process will start automatically.
  • After this step, check the unknown source settings on your device and open it quickly.
  • Now locate the downloading file on your device or SD card and install it.
  • Once you have installed it easily, then open it without any registration and password.

I think you are now on the homepage of ZONG Booster ML, If yes, you have achieved half a milestone. Therefore, now you have several options with different bundles of diamonds. For instance, 599, 1300, 3159, 4000, and 5999. So, get any of them by opening the ON and OFF buttons in front of each DM bundle. Once you’ve selected a bundle, add your ML ID number, as well as the server number, and click the “Generate” button below. Thus, the sent bundle of diamonds will reach your gaming account within a minute. Hence, use them as game currency and buy whatever you want and enjoy.

Requirements for this App:

  1. Your smartphone must be Android 4+.
  2. At least a normal internet connection is required.
  3. Your device must have at least some MB of free space to install this file.
  4. Make sure you have Mobile Legends installed on your phone before using this app.
  5. Virtual space is mandatory for this application.


1. Is it easy to get diamonds through this MLBB Diamond Generator app?

The simple and sweet answer is yes, its developers have made it a simple & short-based application so that everyone can use it and get their desired diamond effortlessly.

2. How many ML Diamonds can a player generate at a time using this app?

Well, this is an important question and everyone wants to know. So let me clear it up, with this application you can produce 5999 diamonds at a time. I think your doubts are gone now.

3. Is this app available on Google Play Store?

Not yet, it’s is a third-party application and it does not meet the terms and policies of the Google Play Store, which is why it is only available on third-party stores.

4. Are diamonds produced through this app acceptable in the Moonton Store?

Yes, without a doubt, the diamonds produced through the application are 100% genuine and are acceptable to buy anything in the gaming store.

5. Do I need any registration and password to access the application?

Not yet, the current version does not demand to create an account or enter a password on it, but future versions may require such things from you. So connect with us, and if you encounter such a situation, please do share with us.


We can never deny that ZONG Booster ML APK has the highest rating on the web compared to other exceptional Mobile Legends Bang Bang diamond injector apps and tools. The main reason is that it has exceptional features for all MLBB players which are hardly found in other apps. Therefore, without the help of such a lucrative diamond generator app, victory seems completely impossible. Therefore, get it fastly & get high rankings and make victory your destiny. Despite its numerous services, it is easy to use without any knowledge and injection skills.