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Yomasu Patcher

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4.7 v1.11 5.2MB

The brand new and latest version of Yomasu Patcher is more prosperous & opulent than its previous version. As such, it currently brings you ML Skins, Maps, Drone view cameras, Battle effects, battle emotes, and several Loading Screens. It notifies you that now you can customize your fighting heroes, and entire gameplay handily and freely. Happily, once you become a user of it, you won’t have to break your wallet or spend a single penny of gaming currencies to get this particular premium gaming stuff.

Since Yomasu Patcher is a completely free MLBB App developed and coded by an intelligent man named YomaSoou. The man’s main goal of this guy is to help players who are below the poor line but still obsessed with winning the game. As a result, the tool is now publicly available on almost all platforms except Google Play Store and Apple Store. Therefore download and install it and make up for the lack of skills and make the deadly battlefield a child’s play. Furthermore, it looks like a Xerox copy of the Papskie Patcher that is currently also providing players with convenience and maximum opportunities for players to grab the victory with ease.

Our Point of view on Yomasu Patcher:

Yomasu Patcher Injector is a sympathetic and money-free plugin for all the die-hard athletes of the Mobile legends bang bang. Still, it’s a seemingly third-party application that relies on immoral shortcuts and behaviors. For this reason, using such an application is not only effective but also dangerous. Suppose, if you are a beginner player and you have not yet achieved any major success in the gameplay, then the usage of this honorable app is valid and appropriate for you.

Conversely, if you are a pro in the game or in a superior position, and you have ample gaming armaments in your gaming account, you should use this app scrupulously. I don’t think you should use it at this stage. Because such an application can sometimes cause block the players ‘accounts and harm the players’ development. If you are already a pro then you do not need this app. But if you are a noob, you can use it to defeat the pro players unethically. Hence, this is our point of view on this atypical MLBB app.

Standard Features of Yomasu Patcher 2022:

Due to several gradual updates from time to time, this injector is now full of Mobile Legends skins and many other premium items. Thus, all the premium items of the gaming store are available for free in this quality application. In addition, all available items are available under multiple sub-headings. Are you interested in finding out more about its standard cheats without further ado? If so, let’s explore one by one.


Statistics show that there is nothing more useful than emoticons to communicate with your teammates during a battle with rivals. So, with that in mind, the app allows you to get dozens of emotions for free within multiple sections.

  • Firecrown Recall
  • Seal of Anvil Recall
  • Snowman Recall
  • Transformers Recall
  • Super Return Recall.

Loading Screen:

There are 14+ options for you to edit loading screens. Hence, you can edit and set a new loading screen with them. Not only that, but you also have the option to easily restore the old loading screen. They are:

  • Anime Naruto Casts edit
  • Anime Waifu Mix [Feel it Suffocate]
  • Anime-Demon Slayer [Stay]
  • Anime-Hunter x Hunter Featuring Kilua
  • KPop-Boombayahh By Black Pink
  • And nine more.

All Heroes & Skins:

Overall, Yomasu Patcher APK has hundreds of ML skins for various gaming heroes and characters. But each hero has its own unique and fixed skins. However, below are the names of some of the heroes and their available number of skins that you will use through this lightweight app.

  • TANK: Crock 4 skins, Johnson 4 skins, Tigreal 3 skins, Lolita 4 skins, Khufra 3 skins, Uranus 4 skins, Franco 5 skins, and More 6 heroes 17+ skins.
  • FIGHTER: Badang 3 skins, Silvana 2 skins, Chou 7 skins, Aldous 5 skins, Guinevere 7 skins, Argus 3 skins, and more 23 heroes and 82 skins.
  • ASSASSIN: Grock 4 skins, Fanny 5 skins, Lancelot 6 skins, Badang 3 skins, Silvana 2 skins, Johnson 4 skins, Claude 7 skins, and more 81 heroes and 155+ skins
  • MAGE: Harith 4 skins, Lou YI 3 skins, Cyclops 6 skins, Pharsa 4 skins, Kagura 5 skins, Harley 5 skins, Esmeralda 4 skins
  • Marksman: Claude 7 skins, Granger 5 skins, Wanwan 4 skins, Beatrix 1 skins, Buruno 4 skins, Lesley 7 skins, Brody 2 skins, and more 11 heroes and 50 + skins
  • SUPPORT: Angela 5 skins, Mathilda 1 skins, Estes 3 skins, Kaja 4 skins, Nana 6 skins, Carmilla 2 skins, Rafaela 4 skins, Giggie 2 skins.


Yomasu Patcher APK is currently a master No Ban Injector app for all Mobile Legend players. It comes with a bumper offering that no other ML Injector has ever had. There is no doubt that its features and gaming cheats are enough to push the rank of players up to the mark. If you are an intelligent & competent guy, then you should never miss the opportunity to take this wonderful injector from this platform. In fact, this blissful injector is available to you for free. There is nothing more to share than that.