Visual Skin Tools

Visual Skin Tools

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4.7 v2.3 10MB

Visual Skin Tools is an app based on the Injector software, which provides an infinite number of skins and some other unusual cheats for both MLBB and Garena Free Fire players without any breaks. This application allows you to change the appearance of your gaming heroes, as well as the battlefield. There are tons of skins in the application, which you can use ready-made, or modify and customize them as per your demand.

In fact, using the skins of this injector app, you can redesign your gaming hero or character, and make them as dangerous as possible. Plus, throughout the process, you’ll never have to pay for a single bug in the app. The application is free for all.

Recent statistics show that millions of players from around the world participate in both Garena Free Fire and Mobile Legends on a daily basis. So, they’re having a hard time finding an unusual 2-in-1 app that provides combined one-stop services for both game players. If you are one of these guys, our website Technologycircle facilitates you to choose the product you want.

Yes, Visual Skin Tools by FS ARIFANDI are exactly what you are looking for. There is no doubt that this MLBB application has not yet gone completely viral on the web, but it is spreading fast. Therefore, before the application services reach everyone, the trick & smartness is to download this unseal app and use it in both games and surprise both game players.

Standard Service of Visual Skin Tools ML:

Apparently, third-party injector apps are essential for further progress in the game, as they provide players with maximum authority without having to spend a fortune. In this way, such third-party apps also uplift the ranking of the game. Yeah, Visual Skin Tools is also a third-party or unofficial product, which gives you maximum advantages to edge over your opponents.

However, Visual Skin Tools app are different from such applications, due to their multiple support. This single application is applicable to deliver its service for both Garena Free Fire and Mobile Legends Bang Bang. Well, we’ve clearly listed its complete cheats list below so you can check out its single cheat, and inject them for free.

MLBB Skins:

This is the first section of Visual Skin Tools, which possesses hundreds of skins of all Mobile Legends heroes. The app not only has skins but also allows players to customize them. As such, the application is a close alternative to Cyber Patcher and Free Skin ML, you can download them and unlock the following skins from any of these means.

  • Marksman
  • Assassin
  • Fighter
  • Mage
  • Tank
  • Support
  • Upgrade Skins
  • Custom Skins.

More MLBB Cheats:

Since we all know that only skins are not enough for players to win battles, or to become high achievers. For that, the developer of this brain-blowing application has also added some other game-friendly cheats to this one application. Anyhow, with the combination of several skins and the following cheats, you will become a complete fighter with the required equipment and skills.

  • Maphack
  • Drone View
  • Battle Emote
  • Efek Recall
  • Efek Eliminasi
  • Efek Spawn
  • Efek Notifikasi
  • Custom Analog
  • Custom Music
  • Custom Suaria
  • Custom Intro
  • Custom Maps
  • 18+ Skins
  • Hd Wallpaper
  • Title Supreme
  • Bord Stard.

Free Fire Menu of Visual Skin Tools:

We acknowledge that this is the only application designed for both Garena Free Fire FF and Mobile Legends Bang Bang. Yes, currently it is only usable for MLBB players. But FF players may not be able to take advantage because it is not ready for them yet.

The current version of the application does not have all the Free Fire cheats and features, for which Free Fire players will have to wait for the next version of the app. In the next version, the application may also offer its services for free Fire Player. Of course, for now, it’s only for those who love Mobile Legends.


Features of the App:

  • Simple skin injector for FF and MLBB.
  • Provides all the Mobile Legends skins.
  • The first app supports both MLBB and FF.
  • Anti-ban and advertisements free.
  • Genuine and Fast injection.
  • Easy control with simple Ul.
  • No need for a password, and registration.
  • 100% secure and mini-size app.
  • No bugs and no root.
  • And much more.


In summary, the main objective of Visual Skin Tools APK is to transform novice players of Mobile Legends and Garena Free Fire into Pro Players. And it also improves the gaming skills of such players. By strengthening their abilities using the app, players like you can give a shut-up call to their opponent, who has beaten you several times on the battlefield of the game.۔