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If you’re looking for the latest version of the NS Tool FF to unlock bundles of Free Fire Skins, Guns, Maps, and much more Legendary equipment without paying a bug, then you can take this brand new VIP glitch file in the shape of NS Tool. Indeed, this Free Fire app is an A1 choice for players to empower themselves by holding all the rare stuff of the game.

Simply put, the NS Tool is the first app to offer its excellent services and features for both game version FF Max and Free Fire. This indicates that, if a player uses both versions of the game on the same device, he/she does not need to go for separate cheating tools. Players can also use this single app for both games in the same way that they are using the SF tool we provided earlier for both versions.

Nothing is more popular these days than online games. Likewise, If we talk about online multiplayer games, we can’t forget the name of Garena Free Fire. It is one of the most advanced games in the world due to its various characters, unique gameplay format, and other combination of skins. Anyhow, If you play this game, you will know its level of intoxication and enjoyment.

However, if you want to further enhance the enjoyment level of the game by customizing the different shapes of your character through skins, as well as want to unlock premium stuff of the game, then NS Tool is here to assist all the players of FF at no extra cost. In this way, you will be able to reach the level of the hero from zero in a couple of seconds.

Features of NS Tool Free Fire:

Verily, the application menu proves that NS FF is quite unique from other Free Fire tools, as its menu possesses several cheats with different titles in multiple sections or categories, such as VIP bundles, Gun skins, Emote skins, and Gloowalls. Yet, the overall details of each category are already mentioned below, hopefully, you will find them useful.

Unlock FF Skins with NS Tool:

Undoubtedly, skins play an important role in the power of gaming heroes. As high skins are full of more abilities and strengths. So the more powerful skin you have, the more powerful you will be. In this regard, the app offers you dozens of powerful FF skins & custom skins, which you can easily apply to your gaming characters or heroes.

VIP Bundles:

In this section, dozens of VIP bundles, including Cobra, Toxic, Legend, and many more, are also accessible to all Garena Free Fire players. You can download these VIP bundles for free and use them as you wish.

Emote skins:

Through this section, unlock the skins of many Free Fire emotes and communicate with your comrades in gestures who are involved in the battle. Furthermore, you can use the available emotes to tease your opponents, as well as celebrate the winning moment in the game.

Gun skins:

Besides all, it is important to change the appearance of guns and other weaponry using different skins. Because a powerful skin not only changes the shape and style of the weapons but also increases its range, capability, and target capability. So use the app and get different skins and utilize them in guns and increase the power of your weaponry immensely.


On the deadly battlefield of the Garena Free Fire, there is no better & essential feature than Gloowalls to protect yourself from the onslaught of rival enemies. The Gloowalls allow you to create a protective shield in front of you to prevent all of your player’s attacks. Likewise, there is a separate bundle of Gloowall skins for you in the NS Tool, which you can use on the battlefield, whenever you feel that the enemy is overpowering you.


Frankly, a better tool is known for its inherently lucrative functions and features. If a tool does not have a good collection of features and cheats, then that tool may not be able to gain a reputation. As a result, players do not choose such tools or apps. But with that in mind, the developers of this tool NAMIT GAMING YT have made the NS tool a complete application for the Free Fire game players.

In this regard, NS Tool APK has a lot of long FF features and gaming cheats, which you have seen through this article. Therefore, you will be able to use all these features in the application for free. Don’t worry, we’ve shared the original APK file of the application in the same way it was released by the developers. We haven’t made any custom modifications to the file, so you’ll definitely enjoy the pure APK file from us.