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Many of the battle arena games are entertaining all genre players on smartphones. Everyone has their own separate favorite game. Yet, the majority of the hardcore battle game lovers like Mobile legends Bang Bang. Indeed, it is a wildly popular and quickly expanding game among adolescents. This game is packed with heartwarming gameplay, undefinable heroes, stunning Skins of multiple kinds, and much more. In this regard, we are here with a funky & easy tool called NIX Injector. With this fluent working ML app, hardcore gamers can unlock MLBB Skins, Maps, Drone cameras, and much more plenty of cheats most simply.

Do you know why we are sharing this New ML Skin Injector? There is no doubt that if you play MLBB passionately, you will never be a stranger to the conditions and policies of the game. Of course, this game is half free and half premium. I mean, there are limited features and cheats for free users, including skins, and all the other elements. And the rest of the advanced skins and other features are quite expensive. These premium elements demand game currencies and money from users to be unlocked. Because of this, the players cannot bear this burden and are confined to the ordinary stuff.

To save players money, we offer the best solution in the form of NIX Injector APK. It provides all the premium MLBB gaming materials you have never used before because of the empty wallet. Now you can easily unlock all the magical premium resources without breaking the bank, but the condition is that you have to use N.I.X Injector. Before this MLBB app, we’ve reviewed some of the best ML apps known as New BoxSkin 2022 and Purple Sky Injector. These apps also build your skills, and at the same time allow you various other combat elements so that your potential reaches the frontiers.

Our Point of view on NIX Injector:

Countless Mobile Legends, Injectors, Patcher, tools, and apps are still packed on different platforms. Whether third-party application sites, YouTube, or any other platform. Apparently, the Gig of each application is the same. For example, try their best to please the players. Unfortunately, not every application is able to meet the needs of the players. So far very few of them have been successful.

So we are happy to say that all the information & statistics prove that N.I.X Injector APK has all the MLBB capabilities and ML features that are necessary to become one of the most successful and legendary Mobile legends injectors. Our perspective suggests that this is a great free way for everyone to empower themselves. Still, the decision is yours. If it satisfies you, you get it. Otherwise, you can look for another Injector.

Standard Cheats Menu of NIX Injector 2022:

Every MLBB player is anxious to see the app’s features when he/she chooses a brand new No Ban & No Password Injector. In reality, every user is always looking for an all-in-one and reliable tool, which possesses more and more features. The more feature-packed injector a user owns, the more skill and power he/she will get. With that in mind, Lanzordnix did its best to include in NIX Injector all the MLBB features that are essential for players. Hence, without wasting any more time, let’s explore its features or cheat menu instantly.

Skin Menu:

NIX Injector app provides users with a plethora of ML cheats as there are 100+ MLBB skins in each skin category except the support category. Therefore, you can inject any of your favorite skin with this pile of skins at any time. All MLBB skins are yours now. So use them according to your character’s needs.

  • Marksman: 100+
  • Assasin: 100+
  • Fighter: 100+
  • Mage: 100+
  • Support: 35
  • Tank 100+.

Skin To Skin: Besides the above skins, Including Gusion, Chou, Lancelot, Fancy, Selena, Ling, and 71 more skin are available in the skin-to-skin section.

Painted Skins: No doubt, In the MLBB game painted skins are only getable by limited-time events. But here in the tool, you have complete freedom to apply 100+ painted skins with just one click.

All Effects Menu:

Recall Effects are essential for a player to become a champion of Mobile Legends. So there are several effects for different purposes. You can use them according to the conditions and aspects of the game.

  • 40 Recall
  • 10 Respawn
  • 11 Elimination
  • 05 Notification kill Effects.

Drone view cameras:

Unfortunately, the drone view cameras are not working due to some technical issues. For this, you have to avoid this problem, and maybe the developers will fix it in the upcoming new version. After that, drone views will also be available for injection.

More Menu:

  • Emotes: 68 Emotes
  • Analog: 18 Analogs
  • Map view: 10 Maps
  • Background: Fee Backgrounds, Music+Intro
  • Auto Mythic
  • Supreme Badge
  • Unlock Ultra Graphics replace to high graphics.


Despite all the comfort zone of the NIX Injector APK, this app is not entirely permissible to apply on the battlefield of MLBB games. The main reason for this is that it has been developed as a cheating app for Mobile Legends and it is not affiliated with the MOONTON authorities. Nevertheless, this injector app is fearless and usable if you use it wisely. I mean, use any VPN app and avoid multiple injections at once. And use any fake Mobile Legend account before this act. This was a simple and point-to-point review of the best injectors. Hopefully, this will work to continue the unbroken supply in ML.