New Boxskin 2022

New BoxSkin 2022

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4.7 v8.5

The latest version of the New BoxSkin 2022 has more ML skins and other cheats than its previous version. With this MLBB Injector app, you can inject 300+ skins including all stunning skin categories. Besides these skins, 80+ painted skin, dozens of upgraded skins, 100+ anime, and custom skins are also included in this one application. Now you have complete freedom to choose any type of skin for your fighter or heroes. All skins are comfortable with low to high gaming heroes. It doesn’t matter which hero you use. However, you can design your own hero with this huge number of skins, both free and paid.

If you are thinking that the New Boxskin APK 2022 is such a Mobile Legends Injector app that is limited to ML Skins, then you are not yet fully aware of this MLBB application. We bring the latest and greatest version of this Injector which also gives its users access to other essential elements of the game without paying a single penny. Yeah, I’m talking about Drone View Cameras, Battle Effects, Custom Analogs, and many more. Furthermore, this application also permits its users to modify the backgrounds of gameplay with ease.

If a Mobile Legends Injector allows all these things under one house, then such an application is considered as an all-in-one and favorite app for Mlbb admirers. So far, its previous 2021 version has already been appreciated and has entertained several thousands of ML fans around the world. You can imagine how much better the new version can be if the previous version was good. However, the new version has been further improved too. Anyhow, if you are looking for the best Mod app for easy gameplay other than a skin injector. And haven’t found a suitable one yet, then accept Devil Modz ML. If you feel a lack of game stuff in the MLBB primary game, this is the best Mod ever for you.

Standard Cheats list of New BoxSkin 2022 ML:

Now we will talk about which and how many premium cheats this MLBB application offers. In the app’s menu, there are some items that you may have used in the previous variant of it. Nevertheless, the majority of cheat items are new to you. Due to lack of time, we have mentioned only the amount of cheats in this application. Hope you understand them at a glance.

Drone View Menu:

  • Drone view 2x
  • 4x
  • 6x
  • 8x
  • 10x

All ML skins Menu:

  • Fighter: 99 skins with Backup
  • Tank: 51 skins with Backup
  • Assassin: 39 skins with Backup
  • Marksman: 57 skins with Backup
  • Mage: 72 skins with Backup
  • Support: 27 skins with Backup
  • Painted Skins: 81+ skins with Backup
  • Upgraded Skin: 100+ skins with Backup
  • Anime/Custom: 88+ skins with Backup.

All Effects:

  • Recall: 49 Plus
  • Respawn: 15 Plus
  • Elimination: 16 Plus
  • Notifikasi: 6 Plus.

More Menu:

  • Battle Emote: 86 +
  • Loading + Intro: 32 +
  • Map Custom: Several Maps
  • Analog Custom: 31+
  • Background ML: 24 background songs.

What’s New in the Updated version of New BoxSkin 2022 v8.4?

  1. Work all device
  2. No Detact No Ban
  3. Add new Skin Valentine Revamp
  4. Alucard, Miya, Clint, and Layla valentine
  5. Perbaikan Skin + Upgrade Skin
  6. Fix all Bugs
  7. Perbaikan Performa APK.

Our Point of view on New BoxSkin 2022 Injector:

In our point of view, the New BoxSkin 2022 APK is a commendable app among all existing ML injector apps and tools. There are several factors that make it a favorite or preferred app. The first is that it possesses a number of features and cheats, including skins. And secondly, the developers of this application are sincere with the interests of the players.

And they read the demands of the players from time to time. As a result, they update it frequently or on a weekly basis. It doesn’t end there, but it does provide users with great features and services without having to go through login credentials, passwords, and keys. Last but not least, the application is developed focusing on No Ban and No detect protocol.

This small step makes it fearless and totally secure to use. We have found these things to be the best in this application, after in-depth research. Even though the decision is in your hands, you decide on the app yourself. No one will force you to get this injector application. We recommend that you download it only if it satisfies you with its amazing services.


We have thoroughly analyzed everything about New Boxskin 2022 APK. And we conclude that this is a great choice for all MLBB players. A player can get everything in it at no extra cost, whether a player needs colorful skins for their heroes or other gaming resources. Hence, if you are a player who always loses to pro players. And are burning in revenge, then defeat each of your enemies one by one, like a blood-thirsty crow. Plus, we have nothing left to say to you. So now it is your duty to find out more about this application and be a smart user of it with complete info.