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Indeed, Mobile Legends players are really lucky as compared to other MOBA players, as they have a variety of ways to modify the game in the form of Injectors, Script files, and other mod apps. Yet, players are more interested in using mod tools than Injectors and script files, as everything is ready-made in mod tools without the hassle of injecting procedures. Therefore, through the mod tools, players can do what they want and what they need. But unfortunately due to a large number of mod tools achieving a result-oriented mod has become a rare process in the present era. Hence, if you are also having trouble while choosing a fruitful mod tool, then download Fakecez Modz from us without any further questions.

Fakecez Modz is an ML Mod Menu app that is a modified form of Mobile Legends Bang Bang with some lucrative changes and enhancements. In short, it allows those premium features, which are difficult to get without paying for them in the original MLBB game. For instance, Skins, Drone view cameras, Maps, Rank boosters, analogs, and other kinds of weaponry. It indicates that you will never invest a single amount on the premium ingredients of the game since you will start to play this mod in the place of the original game.

Before reviewing Fakecez Modz, we’ve already shared NP Modz & Kaori ML with their latest version for all admirers of MLBB. No doubt, these innovative applications are working seamlessly on all smartphone devices. On the other hand, they have provided unexplained results for all novice players of Mobile Legends Bang Bang without seeking a single penny. Therefore, if you feel the lack of game resources in Fakecez, you can use any of these applications instead of Fakecez. I hope these mod apps are enough to get all the things you’ve ever missed, I mean victory in a standard way.

Cheats of Fakecez Modz:

Indeed, this MLBB app is a bit unique from other injector tools in features, as all the cheats of this app are packed into different sections or categories in its menu. Thus, each category has different features and cheats than the other categories. Besides it, the list of the available cheats is much longer than you can imagine. However, we’ve included all of them in full detail below. I think they will convince you how Fakecez Modz ML APK can be beneficial for both the novice and experienced players of Mobile Legends Bang Bang.

ESP Section:

Extra Sensory Perception feature will make your character up to date from the situation of the battle, and give signal of the nearby situation from time to time

  • ESP Player Line
  • ESP Box
  • Player Distance
  • Player 360 Alert

Outer Section:

Through outer section cheats, a player will increase their stamina and skills before stepping on the deadly battlefield..

  • All MLBB Skin: 100+ Skins
  • Drone View Camera: 2x to 10X
  • And a lot more.

ESP Settings section:

ESP setting section has the following features.

  • Line and Box Size
  • Box Top Position
  • Box Right Position
  • Distance Text Size

Frame Rate Section:

There are several custom FPS options, which you can use depending on the situation without spending a single penny.

  • 60FPS
  • 90FPS
  • 120FPS.

Requirements for the App:

Before you use this new MLBB Mod Menu, you’ll need to meet certain requirements for this app to use it fearlessly & effortlessly.

  • First, you must have the latest version of the MLBB Game installed on your device.
  • After that, you will need to download a virtual space application for it.
  • The “Unknown Source” must be open before installing the app.
  • Your device must be capable to run ML Game fastly.
  • Lastly, you must have at least 1 or 2 GB of free space on your smartphone to download it.

Guide to download and use Fakecez Modz:

Happily, Fakecez Modz comes without a password and does not require a key to access the latest version of the app. Well, older versions of this mod have tricky passwords, which were annoying for users. Therefore, due to special requests from users, developers have emitted the password process from the application’s login page. That way, the app is now password-free. Anyhow, follow our shortcuts to download it and effortlessly get to your destination in the game.

  • Start the process by clicking the download link button and get it.
  • After 10 seconds of clicking on it, the file starts downloading to your device.
  • Once you’ve found the file on your device, don’t try to install it.
  • Instead, go to your phone’s settings and check the unknown source to make it open.
  • As soon as you enable it, go back to your device and install the file.

Now, remember if you already have good progress in the MLBB game, it is important to back up the OBB file. Once you’re done it, rename your OBB file and delete the official Mobile Legends game from your device, after that, restore your OBB file name as before. Finally, open this game using Fakecez Modz ML Mod Menu app. Now in the new game, you have complete freedom to use all the valuable features of the game without paying anything. So, I hope you enjoy it and never have a problem with it. Yet, if you face any issues we are here at any time. If you believe we can help you, you can express your concerns to us.


Before sharing Fakecez modz APK on our site, we gathered information about it from various platforms, and we also checked the review of Mobile Legends diehard players about the app, which were fantastic and noteworthy. That’s why we had to share it with all our users so that our readers can get a result-oriented tool to manipulate the game scarcely & fearlessly. Besides all, It has a controllable Ul, as well as no ban features, which makes it a secure application. Yet, a virtual space is considered important for this If you want to use it to get unfair edges over your competitors. Believe me, Virtual space is just as important as vaccination for the coronavirus. So, be sure to use the virtual app.