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There are plenty of Android games in the gaming world today. If you are one of those lads who are obsessed with playing on the battle arenas, then no other game is better than Garena Free Fire. This game is known for its charismatic battlefield and other features not found in any other MOBA game. If you are already relishing and enjoying its excellent & charismatic gameplay, increase the level of enjoyment even further with Akahari Extra. You can download it now without thinking of any cost burden.

Akahari Extra is an impressive concert app of Tech box 71 injector. The prominent VIP features of this Free Fire tool are solely available for Garena FF admirers. Yeah, the application offers you FF Auto headshots, Auto aimbots, Wall climbing, Double jump, Fog Removal, Fix grass, and more pro cheats for your FF character.

Utilizing these utilities in your character, penniless gamers can become the ultimate warriors. And at the same time, you will be able to face all the enemies with bravery and fearlessness. Not only that, you will surely be superior to them. Hence, adopt this trick immediately and become a bloodthirsty warrior a couple of times.

Our Point of View on Akahari Extra FF:

Akahari Extra Mod Menu is a productive app with incredible Free Fire cheat features. You can download this app from our site or any other related site without any hassle. This application has everything A to Z for free, which is not available in the primary game of Garena Free Fire. In the primary game, you have to break your bank to access them. But with this tool, you don’t have to pay anything, except wait a few seconds to download this application.

Once you get Akahari Extra Hack as a Free Fire Mod Menu APK on your smartphone, you’ll be aware of the key features or cheats of the FF app. In our point of view, if you do not want to encounter unpleasant obstacles while using this app, avoid using multiple cheats at the same time. The reason is that multiple cheats can create hurdles for you. Anyway, this is a mandatory piece of advice from our side for you.

Akahari Extra Free Fire – Highlighted Characteristics:

Unlike other Free Fire Injectors, this injector’s menu consists of something extra and unique cheat features. Apparently, it’s also an FF injector, but the developer of this app has properly included all Pro or Paid cheats in it. Therefore, all the following cheats will appear in this tool to make your gameplay feasible & enjoyable. All you have to do is download the app. And get all the cheats that are available in the tool without any penny.

  • Aimbots: Fire, Scope, Fov, Check Visible, and Auto Skill.
  • Menu Game Data: Aimbot Move, Auto Skill, Fire, Aimbot Crouching, Aimbot Auto, and Jump.
  • All ESPs: Jump Auto, Altura Save, Fly Altura Location, ESP Fire Graphic, color & chams color, ESP Alert, Fire, Location, and Bot Player.
  • All Fly cheats: Update Fly, Fly Hack No AR, Fly By Akahari, Fly Altura, Speed, Camera Release, and Fly Auto.
  • Extra Menu: No Fall Damage, Wall Ex, Wall Stone, Max Skill, Speed Player, Jump Player, High Vision Player & Teleport Player, High Fly Player.
  • Several Vehicle: Vehicle Underground, Fly Vehicle, Sate Fly Bug, and Sate Underground Bug.
  • Final Menu: Speed Time, Skill Vehicle, Teleport Team Check, Teleport Player No Check, and Teleport Player Check
  • Requests: Request HD, Night, Fly, Auto Suicide, No Tree, Sime Aim, Effects, Camera, Kill Me, Ammo, and Speed Move Button.


Several versions of the Akahari Extra Free Fire APK are available at the moment. Still, we’re here on this page with the most updated and the latest version of the Injector. This latest version works finely on all model smartphone devices. In this way, interested people can download this app now since the latest version of the app is completely free of all bugs and malware issues.

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